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Today I spend some time developing with the new SharePoint Framework. I must say the SharePoint team did an amazing job with creating the Yeoman template. Of course, there are still some hiccups with it, but the team is aware of it and they expect feedback. You can do this in the GitHub issue list:...Read More →

How to debug your SharePoint Framework web part

on Aug 19, 2016 by Elio Struyf with no comments


Already a great number of blog posts have been written about the new SharePoint Framework release two days ago. With every new tool or framework, there is a learning curve. The best way of learning how the SharePoint Framework works is by reading the code and debugging it. This article focusses on how you can...Read More →

Getting up to speed with Yeoman aka “yo”

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Yeoman is yet another tool that you cannot miss in your client-side development toolset. In the previous post, I talked about Node.js, npm and Gulp. To make use of these tools it required some manual actions/configuration before you could start developing your project. By now you may have asked yourself if this is always the...Read More →

Getting up to speed with Gulp

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This is the next article of my getting up to speed series. This article is completely devoted to Gulp. In the previous article I explained Node.js and NPM, but I also mentioned Gulp a couple of time. As you get in this world of JavaScript focussed development, you will see that Gulp (or Grunt –...Read More →

Getting up to speed with Node.js and npm

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Recently Microsoft announced the SharePoint framework. This framework makes use of the latest trends in the developer landscape like client-side development and integrating open source frameworks. For many of us, this was great news. The framework will be a great way to build new things for SharePoint. Of course, the SharePoint framework requires you to...Read More →


I receive a lot of questions about why display templates are not working or why managed properties do not contain a value. Most of the times the solution is similar to what has been already asked before, so I thought of writing this down in order that it can help everyone with similar issues. For...Read More →